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Just saw someone on twitter made this post. I have never seen this before. You could just imagine the dream team gloating will someone got shaved for charity.

Interviewer: So Harry, what's your sister's name?

Harry: Gemma

Interview: What's your mum's name?

Harry: Anne

Interviewer: What's your drummer's name?

Harry: Josh

Interviewer: What's your boyfriend's name?

Harry: Lou-

Harry: You little fucker

Oh my god. O_O
No idea who this belongs to, so credit to the creator. (seen it on twitter)

Oh my god. O_O

No idea who this belongs to, so credit to the creator. (seen it on twitter)


remember when harry fucked up and got caught trying to watch that boy strip on instagram and the guy was like “lmao thanks @harrystyles”


Harry and Louis re-emerging into the public eye (in the same country), after a week practically MIA, looking happy, rested, and two full years younger is an actual pattern and I love it.


AU where Harry and Louis meet at an Halloween party.

Louis forgets about the party where he was supposed to go with his friend Zayn for halloween and Zayn reminds him about it only the very same day and he panics. The only thing he can get is a stupid and embarassing ghost costume, but he decide to go anyway just to have fun (at least they won’t see my face).

What louis isn’t expecting is to find someone else there with the same costume.

He finds out that person is a boy, a bit taller than him and with really pretty eyes (the only thing that he can see under the mask) and they start talking about their silly costumes and from there they talk all the night, like they’ve known eachother forever. They just click.

Then the people start leaving the party and Louis just really wants the boy’s number because they had a lot of fun together (well, when the dude wasn’t making those bad puns) and he takes his mask away to see his phone better, he doesn’t expect the boy to do the same.

And well, Louis just freezes there because he’s pretty, actually really pretty, and he has dimples and maybe Louis just wants to kiss him until the next morning.


Why can’t These Inconvenient Fireworks be a movie? Does nobody understand how much better the world would be after that? The lives that could be changed by the car wash scene? The cab scene? The football pitch?

Then&now - Niall telling too much

"You don’t wear them all the time"

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